Monday, February 18, 2013

My "Biggest Loser Challenge" is On

So here is my determination to loose weight before Spring-break!  Not sure about all of you Moms, but my weight has finally caught up to me.

This is what I saw on the scale this morning and all I can say is "yikes"!  I should be looking at those numbers on a winning lottery ticket, not on a scale.

So I am now determined to head to the gym and start a workout routine in hopes that I will loose 10 lbs. before Springbreak.  We are heading to Cancun and I will not be caught wearing a bathing suit at this weight.

I think just even the thought of feeling better everyday, not feeling so winded, tired and crappy all day is also my motivation to get in shape.

Besides working out, I also plan to drink a lot of water, and eat better.  So for lunch I had a shake from Shakeology, and plan to make a very nice light tilapia with rice.

Enjoy my first video, and follow along to see if I reach my final weight of 141.

Do you have issues with your weight?  Well take the first step to feeling better like I am.

Happy Parenting!

Marla Murasko 

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